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Creating an account


Creating an account on is easy and it's free. You only need to have an email address and choose a password to get started. A free account gets you a lot of basic features to get you started and you can upgrade to one of our other premium plans to grow your sites and to get more customization options.




Website Wizard


Our innovative New Website Wizard is what you need to get online in minutes without loosing the professional touch. We have fashioned the wizard to guide you through the process of starting and publishing your website online with no stress. Just a few steps, guiding you through making the site look and feel like you want. Also guiding you through adding the required content to make your website whole.




Custom Domain Name


All our premium plans come with custom domain options where you can link any of your sites to your own domain name effortlessly. You may choose to get a free domain that comes with any of the our premium plans or you may choose to bring your own domain name registered with any other registrar.




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